Sonicare: Give your Sweetheart the Gift of Healthy Teeth

February 5th, 2015  
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Sonicare – Give your Sweetheart the Gift of Healthy Teeth

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, most people go for traditional gifts, like candy and flowers. If you want to give your sweetheart a gift that is truly thoughtful and beneficial, consider a Sonicare toothbrush. Dental hygiene is extremely important, and having the right tools on hand is the best way to ensure good dental health. Sonicare toothbrushes are specially designed to improve and maintain good dental health, and they are available in a variety of different options.

Benefits of Sonicare Toothbrushes

Sonicare electric toothbrushes are not just ordinary toothbrushes – they deliver a high level of cleaning power that can not only clean your teeth more effectively than a traditional brush, but can help whiten your teeth as well. Sonicare brushes can help to improve gum health in as little as two weeks, and they remove up to 25 percent more plaque than competitors’ models, like the Oral B Pro Care 5000.

The Sonicare electric toothbrush can be used with eight different brush heads, each one customized to treat a particular dental problem – there is even a specially designed brush head for kids!

Dr. Harris highly recommends the Sonicare:

“The Sonicare toothbrush is the number 1 recommended electric toothbrush by professionals worldwide.  It uses a patented sonic technology and runs for a  two minute time limit which is the recommended amount of time to brush teeth. The Sonicare toothbrush uses a high velocity lateral vibration as opposed to it’s competitor, which uses a rotating, oscillating stroke.  Some models have 5 brushing modes and also has built in pressure sensor that stops bristle movement when it detects that you are brushing too hard.”

Choosing the Right Brush

One of the main benefits of Sonicare toothbrushes is that you can customize your brush with a variety of different brush heads. Finding the right brush head for your individual needs is as simple as visiting the Sonicare website. Some of the most popular options in Sonicare brush heads include:

  •  DiamondClean – Delivers tooth-whitening power and up to 7 times more plaque removal power than a traditional brush.
  • Intercare – This brush head helps to prevent gum recession and gingivitis by removing up to 7 times more plaque between the teeth than a traditional brush.
  • ProResults – The unique design of this brush head promotes unique sonic motion that improves gum health and delivers 2 times the plaque removal power of traditional brushes.
  • PowerUp – These brush heads are designed to deliver maximum plaque removal and cavity prevention – they also have reminder bristles that fade when it’s time to replace the head.
  • Sonicare for Kids – You can never start too early when it comes to dental health, and Sonicare for Kids brush heads are specifically designed to be gentle but effective in cleaning a child’s teeth.
  • Plaque Control – These brush heads are designed for advanced plaque removal, and they are up to 6 times more effective than traditional brushes.
  • Gum Health – These brush heads are specifically designed to help improve gum health – in fact, they are up to 100 percent more effective than traditional brushes.
  • Sensitive – These brush heads feature super-soft bristles that are very gentle on sensitive teeth but still deliver a thorough and effective cleaning.
  • eSeries – These brush heads are twice as powerful as traditional brushes in removing plaque, and they feature an angled neck to help you reach your back teeth.
If you want to give your sweetheart the gift of clean and healthy teeth, look no further. Sonicare electric toothbrushes are proven to deliver better plaque removal and gum cleaning power than traditional brushes. What more could you ask for? ^48917A5DDD26BCB1F28B4DE044C93BD5ED8B088D5666299BF2^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

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