IV Sedation Dentistry

The compassionate Austin dentists of Lake Austin Family Dental are committed to making dentistry as painless as possible. Our dentists are licensed in IV sedation, allowing us to perform even the most invasive procedures with a minimum of pain. We are proud to put the comfort of our patients first; that’s why we insist on using the best products available. At Lake Austin Family Dental, we believe that successful dentistry requires a dentist-patient relationship built on trust. With that in mind, we’d like to discuss your needs and concerns with you in more detail. Contact our office today by calling 512-474-5223

IV Sedation

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs to relax and calm patients, making dental procedures practically painless. At Lake Austin Family Dental, we are licensed to use intravenous (IV) sedatives, which allow us to dose patients directly through the veins. This means the sedative chemicals go to work quickly, reducing discomfort and nervousness. Not only is IV sedation quick, but it is also easy to monitor and control. Our dentists are licensed, so you know that you are in good hands. The wellbeing of our patients is always our first concern, which is why we continue to take over 50 hours of continued training every year.

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If you are considering a complex dental procedure and you would like to know if IV sedation is right for you, our experienced Austin dentists would like to hear from you today. Contact our Lake Austin Family Dental office by calling 512-474-5223.