Silent Nite Sleep Device

If snoring or other breathing problems are affecting your ability to get a good night’s sleep, your Austin dentist may be able to help. The Silent Nite sleep device is a custom-made mouth insert that corrects the problems that lead to snoring, allowing you – and your spouse – to sleep soundly. Best of all, it’s easier, cheaper, less invasive, and often more successful than surgical options. At Lake Austin Family Dental, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our patients. To learn more about whether the Silent Nite system is right for you, contact our office today by calling 512-474-5223.

How It Works

The Silent Nite device is a plastic mold inserted into the mouth that slightly adjusts the position of the jaw. It is custom-built to molds taken of your mouth, ensuring that it fits both comfortably and securely. Special connectors on the device move the lower jaw forward slightly, which increases the space in your airway tube. The increased volumetric capacity lowers air velocity and reduces soft-tissue vibration, effectively preventing snoring and sleep apnea. Recent clinical research studies have determined that the success rate of Sleep Nite and similar oral devices is between 80 and 100 percent.

Contact Us

The Austin dental team at Lake Austin Family Dental is dedicated to helping people get the sound sleep they’ve been missing. To set up an appointment today and learn more about whether the Sleep Nite breathing device is right for you, please contact our office by calling 512-474-5223.